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Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.


 I used Audacity last year to make podcasts with my class.  The program is free and very easy to use.  Basically we just plugged microphones into the computer, pressed the record button, and were set to go!  The program also allows you to edit what you record and add music or sounds.  You will need to download the LAME mp3 download found on the Audacity download page in order to convert what you record to mp3 format so others can listen to it.  Here is the link:  Audacity download


I used Audacity to do podcasts in my class.  I added a page on podcasts, and included a page by Wes Fryer on Podcasts which includes a lot of detailed information on how to use Audacity.  You can find it here.


I attended a presentation by Arlene Anderson of the Saugus Union School District at NECC in San Antonio. Student Voice, Teacher Voice: Podcasting with Audacity covered using Audacity, places to host podcasts and necessary materials. Arlene has a set of handouts she uses for podcast training available here.

She also included her PowerPoint presentation on her wiki and offered its use with/by other educators (as long as you leave her name on it :)

Courtney Rodgers



Audacity Tutorials at http://files.wlcsd.org/tech/AudacityVideos/


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