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Audio Tools

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Recording Advice:

  1. Look for audio lines on XP, or audio devices on Vista/7 -  ‘Record Master’, or ‘Stereo Mix’, or ‘What U Hear.
  2. Configure your program to record from that line/device then you will be able to record YouTube music.
  3. Mute the microphone line/device before starting the recordings - right click volume icon next to the time display on your desktop
  4. Test your first pieces of recording to see if your volume levels are OK and if the quality is what you need.
  5. Remember to turn off Windows sounds when recording: Control Panel > Sounds > Sounds > Then select the ‘No Sounds’ scheme.






Sources of Free Music and Sounds









How-to Videos

PCWinSoft tutorial on how to record Internet video:   http://blog.pc-windows-software.com

Other demos here:   http://www.pcwinsoft.com/1AVCapture/demos.asp








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