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Colour Scheme Generators

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Colour scheme generators help designers and artists identify pleasing colour schemes for use on the web or in print media. Some are based on colour theory, eg. colour complements, triads, etc. while some generators identify colours used on existing schemes. Here are some worth exploring:




http://www.colourlovers.com is a social network built around colour. You can develop colour schemes, palettes or patterns and share them publicly. Users can pick the resolution they need (for patterns) and download for use as backgrounds on web-sites, Twitter, blogs, etc.



Kuler, from Adobe Labs, this is a flash application that allows you to create your own schemes or look at those of others. If you are a web-designer, you can use the schemes with Adobe software.


Color Hunter

Color Hunter uses Flickr photos to generate a colour palette.


Color Palette Generator

The Color Palette Generator lets you use a photo from the web as inspiration.



ColorJack lets you hover over a color to see schemes that use that color.


Color Sphere and the Color Galaxy, also from ColorJack, also help generate color schemes.

A Mac OSX widget is also available.


Daily Color Scheme

Daily Color Scheme provides you with the color schemes used by other web sites that you like.


Other Colour Generators




In The Mod






http://www.google.com/ig/directory?url=www.colr.org/random_scheme_gg.xml - iGoggle gadget that gives you colour schemes




The Color Schemer V2


CSS Color Extractor




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