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Welcome to

TBY Resources

Taxonomy as Extreme Sport!   -  Yes I made that up :-)


This site is no longer updated at the moment Have transitioned to Google Sites.


Educational tech tools, ed theory and more ed!

The wiki is an on-going labour of love - ideas & content are welcome. 

Thank you for dropping by!  ~ Shayne Train - @computermorah




A favourite literature sites:

http://genius.com/artists/William-shakespeare (look under LIT for more!)


(Another favourite, bookdrum.com closed but you can see archived content at


Free Images: Free Image Sources


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  1. Click on Menu of Resources to see what's available on this wiki
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  3. Use the Search bar near the top right of the the page and enter your terms.



This wiki became a little too much to handle so I am no longer updating.


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Please join! I welcome suggestions / feedback / compliments / questions! Every once in a while I will move comments to my archive page: http://tbyresources.pbworks.com/Feedback-on-my-Wiki so this page doesn't get too long.

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