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This page is split into four categories: sites for hosting and manipulating your own images, sites for creating slide shows of your images, places to get images and textures, which are good for backgrounds.




Work that is meant to be posted on the web does not have to have a high quality or resolution. Web images can be 72 dpi. However if images will be printed, they need to have a higher resolution, eg. 300 dpi. If possible, you may want to specify in a site's search engine that you are looking for high resolution images, if you are planning to print your work. For more on this topic, do an internet search for "image resolution." 


Google Images offers an Advanced Search (http://www.google.ca/advanced_image_search?hl=en) that allows you to search for images with large sizes. The higher the size, the better the image quality for non-web uses or for resizing it. You can also search by licence eg. free for reuse, etc.

PicSearch is another excellent site for searching for images is picsearch.com.  Once you go to their website, click on "Advance Search" and select "Very Large (800 pixels or more)" from the drop down menu. 

Searching this way will help you find large pictures where you don't have to worry about poor resolution.



Remember that when using the creative works of others to always abide by copyright requirements. There are many sites that allow you to use and even manipulate work posted on the web. Some of these sites offer Creative Commons licenses while others offer up work for educational purposes. My philosophy is to always note where you get information, even if it is free. You can be discrete when citing sources - use a small footnote character and have the source at the bottom of the page or on a resources page at the end of a document.


Flickr tool for attribution: http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2014/04/a-handy-new-tool-for-giving-proper.html#.U0NDoFcVA2w



Sites for Hosting or Photo Editing

  • http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/ - web hosting site
  • Big Huge Labs - create posters, special effects and much more
  • Bubbleshare
  • Dumpr   a fun application that puts your photos in interesting settings
  • E-Scrapbooking - scrapbooking but also good for school projects
  • Flickr - create on-line, tagged albums of your pictures
  • Flickr Toys  - create posters, comics and other media with your photos
  • fodey.com - generates newspaper clip with your text
  • ImageChef - ceate text in a snow globe, in the sand, on a license plate...way fun!
  • gnoted - free on-line image editors
  • Kyolo - adds speech bubbles to images
  • LetterPop - create attractive newsletters
  • Make 3D - make photos appear 3D
  • My Home Library - create bookplates
  • Paint.Net - downloadable program (free) that offers layers, cropping, resizing, limited filters.  You can't draw a straight line, unfortunately but otherwise, a useful program.
  • PhotoStory
  • Picasa - downloadable program from Google. Helps organize images and has built-in editing tools.
  • Picapp  - embed images for free on your blog
  • PicBite.com  - add speech bubbles to any photo
  • Picjuice - online photo editor
  • PicMonkey - basic editing and some special effects
  • Picknik web-based Google site. Edit photos, make a collage, add effects, stickers, frames and more. Fun!
  • Pixenate.com - upload images and do some basic and fun effects incl. Warhol and Polaroid image
  • Pixlr.com - web-based, lots of built-in filters, layers. Note: found this somewhat slow.
  • Polaroize - make photos look like a Polaroid image
  • Reshade allows you to resize images online
  • ResizR - resize photos that are too large
  • RTravel - share your travel photos and videos
  • says-it.com create concert tickets, official seals, vinyl records, etc.
  • Scrapblog -  scrapbooking
  • Sign Maker - make your own freeway highway signs
  • Snipshot.com - online photo editing tools
  • SlideRocket - create presentations
  • Splashup - photo editing software that's like a Photoshop lite (has layers)
  • SumoPaint  - web-based, has lots of amazing effects including 3-D cubes and more. Warning: sometimes freezes, so be sure to save often. Also, as of last time I used this, it wouldn't let you copy and paste from the web; you could only save to your computer, then open.
  • Tabblo - scrapbooking
  • Tiny Media:  create icons
  • webresizer.com  - resize and optimize images for web, some other tools, too



Slide Shows

      See Mixed Media and Video Tools for more tools.



Sources for Images and Clipart

Remember to check for copyright requirements.
Some sites require attribution to the site, photographer and may also request a link back to the site.

Not all sites are good for younger children. Please check before use.


·         Collection of Public Domain sites: http://www.publicdomainsherpa.com/public-domain-photographs.html

·         Community Indexed Photo Gallery - http://gimp-savvy.com/PHOTO-ARCHIVE/

·         Open Photo: http://openphoto.net/


Community Indexed Photo Gallery - http://gimp-savvy.com/PHOTO-ARCHIVE/

Open Photo: http://openphoto.net/

Collection of Public Domain sites: http://www.publicdomainsherpa.com/public-domain-photographs.html











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