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PBWiki Footnote

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Other Citation Tools      Information on Citation and Plagiarism


To insert a footnote into PBWiki:

  1. Click on Insert Plugin
  2. Click on PBMagic
  3. Click on Footnote
  4. Type your information. Note: You can set up a citation using one of the suggested tools and then copy and past it into the box.
  5. Click Preview, then OK.


Teacher Tips for Footnotes

  • teachers can use footnotes to include annotations or explanations of text
  • can also be used for definitions, synonyms, acronyms
  • can be used to write the name of person editing section
  • can be used for questions
  • use footnotes to provide additional resources such as a web address
  • Teachers should decide in advance which format they want for citations: APA, MLA, etc.
  • Give students resources to assist with citation, for example, the programs that are listed here.
  • For web pages/wikis/etc., if you don't want to ruin the look of your work, use a small font to put your citation, or create a link to a new page or pop-up.



Footnotes from PBwikiWebinars on Vimeo.




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