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A podcast is a digital media file played over the internet on computers and portable media players like ipods and zunes. Some sites may offer their own material while others allow individuals to upload their own content. A podcast can by syndicated (RRS feeds), subscribed to or downloaded. Podcasts have now been expanded to videocasts.


Here's an example of a podcast on the Lookenstein site. The topic is how to deal with students who fail a test. It's in .mp3 format:

http://www.lookstein.org/podcasts/008_112408.mp3  - other podcasts available at http://www.lookstein.org/podcasts/


Flipped Classroom

You'll see this term quite often on the internet. It refers to using video recorders (named for the cheap but discontinued FLIP camera) being used by students as an alternative to traditional written work. Here are a few links to get you started:


Making a Podcast

Using iTunes to Podcast

iLounge: Beginners Guide to Podcast Creation

Podcasting Legal Guide has information about copyright materials and other legal issues.


Some of the education uses for podcasting include:

* students create their own radio shows

* school lessons for student enrichment, for review after class or for absent students

* student-created audio tours of museums, galleries or other historic sites

* information for parents and/or administration

* foreign language lessons where student can hear pronounciation

* music performances

* interviews and debates

* publishing tool for student oral presentations.[1]


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To record your podcasts, check out the links for Audio Tools or see below.







Pod-o-matic - Podomatic lets you record a podcast (or videocast) directly to the Web. You can play with security, people can add comments and the site is very easy to navigate.



Here is a link to our Bobcat Blabs site on Pod-o-matic.


Educational Uses:


Pod-o-matic is the host site for our school podcasts.  Last school year various classes made podcasts (book talks, habitat infomercial, character counts rap songs, etc.) using "Audacity" software and I uploaded them to Pod-o-matic.  From there I embedded them into our school blog by embedding a podomatic player, but could just as easily uploaded them into a wiki li











  1. Information from Wikipedia.com on Podcasts at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcast

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