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Read the Words

Page history last edited by Mrs. Train 12 years, 1 month ago

Read the Words?

What is it

Read the Words is an easy tool to translate writen text into audio.  Just enter in your information and chose what voice to use. You need to create an account, and you're ready to go!


How to embed on your wiki page:

Once you create your first recording, you can easily embed your audio into your wiki.  Here's how:


  1. Chose Embed your recording on your website blog
  2. Copy the code for "Blogger.com/Blogspot blogs"
  3. Click edit on your wiki page
  4. chose "insert plugin" -----> Pbwiki Magic --->HTML
  5. Paste the embed code and a green box will appear on your wiki page
  6. Click Save and you're done!


How can you use Read the words for your class?

  1. Definitely going to be a benefit for my inclusion students or even those "regular" students with weaker reading skills. They can read along as they hear the words being read to them. Courtney Rodgers



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