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Social Bookmarks

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Social Bookmarks allow you to keep all your bookmarks in one place, tag them with appropriate identifiers and share them with others who might be engaging in similar research or have similar interests.


You can use social bookmarks to organize your life (keeping web-based emails, banking, facebook and other frequently used sites in one handy locations), gather research or share favourite video clips, among other uses.


Tag You - http://www.its.rockwallits.com/SB_WebQuest/index.htm is a webquest for K-12 teachers to learn more about Social Bookmarking.


del.icio.us (del.icio.us)

This site allows you to save and organize your bookmarks in an on-line program and then access them from any computer. You can also make your bookmarks public and share them with friends and family. There is also an option to add keywords or tags to help people find your list.


digg (www.digg.com)

If you really "dig" (love!) a site, you post it on Digg.com. Other members of the Digg community will rate your link by either "digging" it or "burying" it. They can also leave comments which may include similar sites or problems with a site. The most popular entries are posted on the Digg.com front page!



This is a "community-based surfing" site that allows people to rank sites. A downloaded toolbar allows you to "stumble upon" websites you may be interested in because keeps track of the pages that you like through the rating system, which is a thumbs up or thumbs down. If you give it a thumbs up, other people with your same interests and the StumbleUpon toolbar will be more likely to stumble upon it when they click the button.  You can share your ranks and even form a community of people interested in the same sites.


Sqworl (http://sqworl.com/) is an interesting way of collecting bookmarks - instead of the url, the web address, a thumbnail image is placed on your page. Your bookmarks can be organized in groups. All pages are public and tools provide an easy way to send your page urls to others.



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