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Blooms Taxonomy

Page history last edited by Mrs. Train 8 years ago

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

Andrew Church

Anderson & Krathwohl 




Lower Order THinking SKills (LOTS)  to Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)


  • Remembering - diigo, bookmarking, social bookmarking, google searching - retrieval of information
    In classroom - "What is algebra" research and bookmark information
  • Understanding - tag, summarize, comment, explain on resources found above, blog journaling, categorizing
  • Applying - implement, use information and execute tasks - start writing up documents,  models, presentation, interviews, simulations
  • Analysing - breaking material or concepts into parts, determining how the parts relate, differentiating, organizing, outlining, comparing
  • Evaluating - making judgements based on criteria and standards through checking and critiquing...   post research on-line and allow other students to comment on it, give them objectives, criteria, standards on which to base critique
  • Creating - putting elements together to form a coherent whole ... publish voicethread, wiki, etc. of all the projects to give students a voice, self-reflection



diigo, tweetdeck,livebinders,twitter


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