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PDF Tools

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PDF - Portable Document Format - is a format that anyone with free Adobe Reader software can read. It is not tied to any particular platform or operating system. That makes it extremely flexible for use in many situations.  Originally, because you needed the rather expensive Adobe Acrobat software to create and edit it, it wasn't that practical for education. However in recent years, many developers have created free PDF generators and editors.  This page will provide a sample of what is available...



  • PDF Catch - Pdf Files Search Engine powered by Microsoft Bing (search engine) developers API
  • Online PDF conversion tool - import/export PDF files to other formats
  • Free PDF files hosting service
  • Create PDF - turn any web page into a PDF document by entering the address
  • Convert PDF to another format: zamzar.com
  • Cute PDF Writer - convert any type of file into a PDF - After you download it, it will appear as a printer. Open any document and select Print and send it to CutePDF.
  • doPDF - similar to Cute PDF Writer
  • FormulatePro for Mac Documents
  • MS Office 2007 (downloadable Add-In from MS) or 2010 - this link will explain how to save files that you create or open in that application as a PDF file. f you are using Microsoft Office 2010, you do not need to install any special software. Office 2010 offers Save as PDF as a built-in option in the Save dialog box.
  • Nuance PDF Converster - an affordable PDF editing program.
  • PrimoPDF -free editing program that allows you to create  ebooks in PDF.


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