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Image Editing

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also see Images for web-based light versions that offer special effects



While Photoshop is the grandaddy of photo editing programs, there are may useful and downright fun programs available on the internet. Some are web-based - you upload your work and manipulate it online and then download or save the result. Others are free, downloadable programs.  Of course, there are others that you can pay for, but since this is a site that was initially intended for teachers and students,  the following options are free, although if you like a program, consider donating to the developer.



SumoPaint - this on-line program has many of the common editing features plus some terrific 3-D and reflective effects.  It does not allow you to copy and paste from the internet - a serious fault as far as I'm concerned - (you have to save an image, then import it to a new layer under the File menu).  Also, my students had created some lovely, original work of art when the program just froze and there was no way to save the images.  So if you want to try this program, save frequently.


Cloud Canvas - http://www.cloud-canvas.com/ - asks to log in through your Google account. I don't know what would happen if you don't allow this.  Special features include animal stamps (under Tools), integrated importing of clip art and images from a few sites. Tools are very limited and copy and paste from the internet does not work.


Psykopaint.com - Very modern, artistic and edgy - good for special effects, but limited if you want good control. There is a huge variety of strokes and brushes can be set to van Gogh, Renoir, Manet, etc.!   If you have an existing image, the program uses the existing colour scheme and your chosen brush to edit it. For such an artistic site, it would be nice to be able to fine-tune colour choices with digital numbers.  There are some video tutorial but not much documentation.


http://www.flauntr.com/   Once you register (free, but required) you have access to different photo-editing and text options with a range of special effects.  You can even pick a painting as a reference and your own image will take on some of the qualities of that painting, an interesting feature.


http://www.quickpicturetools.com/en/  -  offers 12 simple and easy online image editing tools for free. These include embossed text, rounded corners, fancy frames, combining images into one, cropping, etc.





GIMP - A very full-featured program with a higher learning curve. There are manuals, tutorials and user FAQs to help learn how to work with this program.


Paint.Net - http://www.getpaint.net/  - Highly rated by PC World, CNET and other sites. It offers many features but is missing a few critical ones, such as the ability to draw straight lines by holding down the shift key.  There is quite an active community who have created tutorials and plugins to support the program.  There is a very small learning curve and I use this program in my computer lab for quick touch-ups, cropping and resizing.



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